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The Qualified Captain™

TQC Boat Cleaning Kit (bucket not included)

TQC Boat Cleaning Kit (bucket not included)

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Stop buying your cleaning products individually and get what you need in one single kit!

Over the past 2 years we have been working hard to dial in the perfect environmental friendly boat cleaning kit that is made right here in the USA. We include the essentials and more to help maintain your new boat. 

 1.) Wash Concentrate: A blend of specialty formulated surfactants that "Shines as it Cleans". It does not contain harsh alkalis, acids or abrasives and will not remove wax or polish. Leaves a polished look between washes. Non-streaking formula rinses free and decreases drying time.

2.) All Purpose Cleaner: A blend of specially formulated cleaners that penetrate, emulsify and remove all traces of grease, salt, and soil. It is safe and easy to use, and can be mixed with water in various concentrations to clean many types of soiled surfaces. 

3.) Salt A Way: Instantly neutralizes and cuts down salt on all types of vehicles and equipment. This environmentally friendly, concentrated formula produces extreme cleaning power and reduces salt damage. Formulated to safely use on all types of surfaces. Brightens as it cleans.

4.) Glass Cleaner: Is formulated to clean tinted windows, windows, mirrors, winshields, and Chrome. TQC CG removes water marks, road film, smoke residue, bugs, etc. without streaking. 

5.) Liquid Metal Polish: Formulated to clean and polish stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, chrome, gold, and silver. It easily removes hard water spots, oxidation, light scratches, rust, tarnish, and soil. 

6.) Water Spot Remover: Helps remove annoying water sports, and will give glass surfaces a new polished look. 

7.) Fabric Restorer: Restores the oil and water repellency to awning, canvas and fabric coverings. Protects and retards mold and mildew growth. Does not contain silicone. 

8.) Vinyl Protectant: A polymeric, sunscreen formula that will restore the lustre and water resistance to and vinyl and or rubber surface. A non-greasy treatment which dries to a clear, durable coating. Will not crack or discolor. Protects against mildew and algae growth. 


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