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Knot Tying Kit

Knot Tying Kit

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Learn how to avoid #tangleduptuesday the fun way! 

Knot tying is fun for all ages. The Deluxe Kit teaches you to tie everything from the most basic knots to more advanced hitches and bends. Whether you know a young, curious mind who needs a toy to keep them engaged, or an adult who loves new challenges, it’s never too late to learn the art of knot tying. It’s relaxing to learn, and fulfilling to put into use in the real world. 

The Deluxe Kit comes with a wooden base and dowel setup to practice things like the ALL IMPORTANT Clove Hitch, a brass ring, 2 pulleys, 2 sets of rope differing in diameter and color, (this is very helpful when learning to tie certain knots), a cleat, and a knot card.  

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