Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament Hosted by The Qualified Captain

Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament Hosted by The Qualified Captain

 TQC really enjoyed hosting the 2022 Wrightsville Beach Spear Fishing Tournament. We finally scored great weather, shot fish, and all had a great time!


We are looking forward to hosting it again next year! Thank you Rosterfish Media for putting this clip together.  check it out here!





Stay tuned to register for 2023!



• There are 3 Divisions: Inshore, Bottomfish and Pelagic, each with a unique species list

• Divisional scoring is based upon the total weight of your 2 heaviest fish of different species

• Overall score is based upon the total of your 3 Divisional scores

• Prizes will be awarded for Divisional and Overall placing

Scoring Rules

• You may weigh 2 different species of fish per division per day

• Previous scores may only be replaced by heavier fish within a division

• Competitors must weigh fish the day of harvest and may not trade fish

• Scores will be posted online at the close of weigh-in each day

• Final scores are determined by the best total over 3 days, it is not aggregate scoring

Divisional Species List

Inshore: Black Drum, Sheepshead, Tautog

Bottomfish: Grouper (all legal species), Hogfish, Snapper (all legal species), Black Sea Bass

Pelagic: African Pompano, Mackerel (all), Permit, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna (all, with license), Rainbow Runner, Cobia

Prize Distribution


1st: Large Sponsor Package + Trophy + 8% Cash

2nd: Medium Sponsor Package + 5% Cash

3rd: Small Sponsor Package

Top Scuba: Sponsor Package + Trophy + 10% Cash

Top Freediver: Sponsor Package + Trophy + 10% Cash


1st Place Overall: Trophy + Grand Prize + 15% Cash

2nd Place Overall: Sponsor Package + 10% Cash

3rd Place Overall: Sponsor Package + 5% cash

Top Jr. Spearo: Trophy + Sponsor Package + 10% Cash

• This category is open to all divers under the age of 18. This will be inclusive to both scuba and freedive. All other rules apply.

Bonus Awards

Most Lionfish Per Boat: Trophy

Largest Lobster: Trophy

Best U/W Photo: Trophy

Sportsmanship: Patrick Johnson Perpetual Trophy

Dr. Joe Davis Stone it Award: $100 Cash

• Divers must point out the shot to the tournament officials at weigh-in. If the shot placement doesn't look right video footage may be used as proof.

Tournament Rules

• This is and has always been a Gentleman’s Tournament, meaning that competitors are expected to play by the rules on their honor, and to report any activity that is contrary to the tradition of sportsmanship.

• Legal spearfishing time begins at civil dawn.

• Tournament Boundaries: Cape Lookout Shoals to the South Carolina border. See the below graphic for more detail. If ANY complaint is lodged by a competitor about a vessel leaving boundaries it will be investigated. The tournament directors will reserve the right to inspect the suspected vessels GPS. Refusal to allow the inspection will result in a DQ for all divers on the vessel. This will be a quick inspection unless boat trails leave the boundaries. We would prefer if the boat owner was there to operate the GPS to ensure security of your dive sites.

• All applicable local, state and federal fishing, boating and diving regulations must be observed at all times. You must have a valid NC Fishing License at the time of the Tournament. All NC and Federal size limits must be adhered to. Due to the constant rule changes by fisheries we recommend you double check species and sizes the day before the tournament. All federal and state requirements must be met to hunt and boat Tuna.

• Safety is the first and foremost concern. Please do not blemish our perfect record with negligence, poor decision making or irresponsible/inappropriate behavior.

• Accepted diving disciplines are limited to open circuit scuba and traditional apnea. Rebreathers, staged deco, mixed gas breathe-ups and anything else you can conjure that is not considered a “traditional” method, is likely not acceptable.

• Scuba divers must be certified by an accredited agency and adhere to their training therefore depth will be limited to 130' or shallower. Freedivers are encouraged to take a certification course from an accredited agency prior to the tournament.

• Accepted spearfishing equipment includes any device using a rubber band driven metal shaft or self propelled pointed object deployed from below sea level. This includes pneumatic spearguns. Rod and reels, handlines, harpoons, powerheads, bow fishing rigs and any other device that is non-standard may not be used at any time for the purposes of this tournament.

• It is requested that competitors boat their fish unassisted, however, if the situation dictates, assistance may be provided to ensure diver safety or the secure capture of the fish.

• Commercial boats are allowed for charter, however all hunters must be working from the NCDMF recreational limits. During the tournament the charter boats cannot engage in fishing operations other than the activities of our competitors. In other words, they cannot operate under their commercial license during the tournament.

• All cash and prizes will be distributed according to the above breakdown. However we will also have a raffle at the awards ceremony to put prizes in the hands of more divers.

• It is mandatory that competitors weigh their fish on the day it was harvested and within the set weigh in times and locations without exception. If a fish is suspected of unethical preservation or spoiling the associated competitor can be disqualified.

• Competitors that are not within speaking distance of weigh station at the close of weigh in will not be eligible to weigh their fish for that day. We can not give consideration for boat trouble, traffic or defective timepieces.

• Violation of any tournament rule will be reviewed and may result in disqualification.

• Violation of any law or regulation may result in appropriate action by local authorities.

Failure to report any violation will be considered conspiring and can result in disqualification.

• Any and all questions can be addressed with Aaron Stasiak aaron@thequalifiedcaptain.com

Additional Information:

• Each contestant will receive a tournament t-shirt if they sign up by May 13th. Additional Shirts may be available for purchase after the event.

• North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries will have agents from the research division taking ear bones for research purposes, though not mandatory, we ask you to please participate in their study.

• Participation in the weigh-ins and the awards ceremony is highly encouraged to promote the community atmosphere of the event.

• Lionfish are a venous species, if you decide to hunt them please take proper precautions. If you do not know how to hunt them safely then please do not. They are edible and delicious however.

• Pre-size your fish on the boat and bring only your biggest fish to the scales. Please do not bring multiple fish of nearly the same size to the official scales. Invest in your own hand scales or share one with others on your boat.

• Please be respectful on the dock and do not spread out your catch, it can stain the wood and some may find it offensive.

• Respect other boats, both in the tournament and those that are not. If you are diving make allowances for others trying to work the same area.

Seapath Marina

• Because of personal relationships, Seapath Marina is proud to host this event and kindly asks that you patronize the marina as much as possible for such things as ice, drinks, fuel, etc. Let's support who supports us!

• The Seapath parking lot is for members and their guest only, parking for participants will be allowed using the Tournament Parking Pass that will be emailed after you register. Please display the parking pass on your vehicle dashboard while on the property. If an attendant is present let them know you are in the tournament. Anyone not entered in the tournament must use the public parking across the street.

• Please respect all marina rules. Carts are available for use at the marina entrance and are for equipment only. Fish must be transported in a cooler. Please return the carts to the cart storage location at the marina entrance in a clean working order.

• Fish cleaning stations are available at the dock. Please be respectful of other marina patrons. If non-tournament patrons wish to clean fish please do not monopolize the cleaning stations. Also, please clean the area after you clean your fish.

• Do not park your boat at the fuel dock unless you are getting fuel. The dock staff will try to find us room to dock our boats during weigh-in. Try to bring extra fenders for your boats in case we need to “raft” at the dock. They can likely find an empty slip for you to use while you are there for weigh-in or the awards ceremony. Do not use a slip that the Marina staff has not permitted you to use.

• If you need dockage for your boat for the weekend you can arrange this with the Marina at 910-265-3747

• No spearfishing around the docks or boats in Seapath Marina

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