Wells Marine Insurance x The Qualified Captain

Why should you have insurance on the water?

Ever seen one of our epic fail videos and thought, "Man, I hope that's not me!" Well, guess what? It doesn't have to be.

We're teaming up with Wells Marine Insurance, the crew right here in Wrightsville Beach, NC, who has your back when things get rough out at sea (or, you know, at the boat ramp!). Jason, Lauren, and Ashley at Wells Marine are like having a seasoned first mate for your insurance needs. 


Here is why Wells Marine Insurance is the perfect collab partner for The Qualified Captain:

  • All they do is marine: The Wells Marine crew is an entire team that focuses only on the marine industry, whether it’s personal or commercial marine, on the coast or inland, across the US.
  •  They speak the boater’s language: Need to confirm your haul-out date to ensure timely bottom-paint application before the spring squalls hit and foul the growth on the hull? They get it. You can’t say that about a typical insurance agent.
  • They’re independent: The sea has a way of calling to the independent type. Independent agencies work with multiple top-rated insurers, not tied to one company. They focus on helping you find the best policy for your specific needs, not pushing a one-size-fits-all option.
  • Tailored coverage: They get that your boat, your boating habits, and your marine businesses are unique. Wells Marine will take the time to understand your vessel, your cruising habits, and any valuable equipment. This helps to ensure you’re presented with coverage choices that offer a broad selection of options at competitive prices that best suit your needs. 
  • They're a captain’s advocate when things go south: Knowing the team at Wells is there with strong support to back you up in the event of a claim is reassuring.
  • Local knowledge with global reach: This is a big one. Wells Marine is capable of seamlessly providing commercial marine insurance needs on a local and a global scale. So if your marine business has big plans for an expanded footprint outside the US, the team at Wells Marine has the resources to plug you in and advise you on the global risk intricacies wherever your marine business takes you.

Don t be a statistic in one of our next videos! Get started on a quote from Wells Marine Insurance and set sail with confidence.


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