At The Helm Training

Hands On Training

At The Helm Training provides a learning experience for new or experienced boat owners who want to improve their confidence on the water. This one-of-a-kind approach brings a captain to your boat for a personalized lesson. Those who don’t own boats yet are welcome to join one of the training classes, taught in person, on an At the Helm Training boat. 

At The Helm Training’s course provides a training curriculum taught from a nationally accredited syllabus developed from over 40 years of professional captain experience on the water.    

The recreational boating industry has experienced record-breaking new boat sales over the past 2 years, a majority of which are new boat owners or boat owners moving up in size. This has led to an increase in boating accidents. At the Helm Training’s one-of-a-kind approach brings a captain to you, leading to more confidence and safety on the water.